Mrs. Ransdell's Wish List
I would love any of the following donations to our classroom:

glue sticks – preferably Elmer's

facial tissue (i.e. Kleenex, Puffs)

Paper towels


paper plates – white,small and large

antibacterial wipes – preferably Clorox or Lysol

printer ink cartridges – Canon 210 XL or 211 XL

permanent markers“Sharpies”

dry erase markers, thin-line with erasers (dollar stores)

regular dry-erase markers- Expo

Scotch tape

gallon, quart and sandwich-sized Ziploc-type bags

Plain paper bags - large brown, small brown, and small white

Scotch tape

Paper fasteners  

File folders

9"x12" envelopes


Photocopy paper – white and colored

Card stock – white and colored

any inexpensive items from the dollar store or Oriental Trading Co - incentives

gift cards (for extra school/art supplies as needed) - Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, Amazon, Michaels, Joanns, dollar store, Costco or CVS (photo printing)

glass jars, wide mouth – like those from spaghetti sauce or salsa (washed out, with or without lids)

old Apple iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and cords to go with them

supply list


INDIVIDUAL STUDENT SUPPLIES, BY DONATION (Please put child's name or initials on all-individually owned supplies)



plastic pencil box

crayons (box of 16-24; anything larger is too big)

washable markers (will be put aside for use later this year)

glue sticks

scissors – blunt-nosed


HELPFUL TO HAVE AT HOME (for what little homework I give)




library card